Emergency Services


We’re just a phone call away in the event of an emergency.

When natural disasters or other unexpected circumstances arise, municipalities, state highway departments and private industry have relied on James D. Morrissey, Inc. to – sometimes literally – weather the storm. Our team is prepared to assist in emergencies of many varieties including clearing record amounts of snow, repairing terrain after hurricanes and disposing of debris after hurricanes. We have the equipment and personnel to handle large scale emergencies efficiently – and safely.

Our experience in emergency services includes:

  • Sink hole repairs – various counties
  • I-95 emergency repairs after a major tire fire
  • City of Philadelphia – snow removal during all past major snow storms
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation slope repairs and road restoration throughout several counties

Have an emergency now and it’s outside normal business hours? Please call 215-598-9981. Someone will return your call within minutes. Our staff is on call to respond and provide you the assistance you need quickly.

For non-urgent inquiries and for more information about our Emergency Services, please contact us at 215.333.8000.