Quality Control Concrete


Our quality assurance labs guarantee that you get the highest quality mixes for your Eastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey construction jobs.

Concrete is a “lifetime” product. Which means if it’s properly installed, it will still be in service long after the person who installed it is gone. For example, the concrete used in the foundation of the Brooklyn Bridge or the Empire State Building is still in service almost 100 years after it was poured! And the concrete that was used to build the Coliseum in Rome and the Parthenon in Greece has still maintained most of its original form.

At each of our concrete plants, we maintain a quality control lab where we continuously test all raw materials (which have already undergone testing at our aggregate production facilities!) used in our concrete. All of our plants are DOT (Department of Transportation) certified, and we maintain them to exceed DOT standards. In fact, no other ready mixed concrete company has supplied more concrete to area DOT projects than JDM Materials Co.

What does all of this mean to you? We pay close attention to ensure that only the highest quality mixes reach your jobsite. When you purchase JDM Materials Co. concrete, you get a product designed to exceed your expectations of strength, workability and longevity. All of our mixes contain blended aggregates to ensure every yard of concrete is consistent from start to finish.

We control all mixes from our central database for uniformity no matter which plant it’s shipped from. By using the same aggregates at each location, we control the quality – day after day and year after year. Plus, all of our technicians and area managers are ACI (America Concrete Institute) and DOT certified.

Contact us, the first ready mixed concrete supplier to provide 10,000 PSI concrete in the Philadelphia marketplace, for your New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania construction projects.