Ready Mixed Concrete


Since 1954, JDM Materials Co. has been manufacturing ready mixed concrete and supplying it to customers throughout the Delaware Valley, Pocono Mountain Region, and South Jersey.

We operate twelve permanent plants and one portable plant which we can quickly assemble and disassemble for onsite pours that require dedicated, large volumes in a short period of time.

At each plant, we have an on-site quality control lab where all raw materials (aggregates from our own quarries) are continuously tested. Plus, we maintain a central database to control all mixes and ensure that they are uniform and of the highest quality no matter which plant they’re delivered from.

With the largest fleet of front discharge mixers and the most experienced drivers in the industry, we are able to out-produce, outperform and – most importantly – out-deliver our competition.

Because we control all of our plants from one central dispatch office, we’re set up to give you a level of customer service unmatched by our competitors. Whether you’re pouring around the clock, a 3,000 cubic yard mat pour, or replacing a sidewalk, we have the trucks, plants, and most importantly, the people to make your projects more profitable.

JDM Materials Co. was the first ready mixed supplier in the City of Philadelphia to successfully produce and regularly deliver 10,000 PSI concrete…and we’re equally happy to deliver concrete to customers for their home improvement project. We’ve done it all. And we continue to do it all!

Contact us for all of your ready mixed concrete needs in the Philadelphia area, all of Eastern PA, and South New Jersey.

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